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Location: Northern California

Genre: Rock/Alt Pop Punk

Members: Jack, Jon & SadieRei

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Quotation Marks_edited_edited.png
Quotation Marks_edited.png

Sugar sweet with carefully controlled thrash, Until Further Notice unleashes their thrillingly lovely Pop-Punk single CSM, loaded to the brim with swoon-worthy melody, glimmering guitar tones, and fatalistic lyrics for great listen that is simultaneously ethereal and satisfyingly hard.

To Alt-Rock fans all over, prepare for a great new release full of gorgeous composition, stellar vocals, and a throw-back sensibility guaranteed bring down the house.

Mary wildsmith Radio DJ WSMS

Quotation Marks_edited_edited.png

UFN has a really good sound to them. They both sounded amazing singing back to both. Very good song and production.

M AGE: 41

Quotation Marks_edited.png

This has a very mid 2000s pop punk vibe to it. I really enjoy the vocalists. They are singing with a lot of enthusiasm. I'm very into it.

M AGE: 38

I love how aggressive the beats are right from the word go. They make one excited and in the mood for dancing. This is a song I would listen to again.

F AGE: 32

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Jack, Jon & SadieRei

UFN is an Alt Pop Punk Rock band from Northern California. Our style is influenced heavily by our early 2000's favorites, 90's grunge and classic rock vibes.
We've been creating music for 4 years, refining our sound and telling our stories.

We have an awesome reputation for being great entertainers, professional with other bands and venues, and excellent musicians.

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